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OnFace SDC which has been steadily growing with excellent technology and quality.


Smart Window ‘ECM’

It is an auto-discoloration mirror developed by OnFace SDC technology
that automatically detects the light from the rear vehicle entering
the room mirror through the optical sensor to lower the reflectance
of the mirror to eliminate the driver’s glare.

ECM room mirror for clean view of driver

ECM Room Mirror developed by Onface SDC’s technology

Electrochromic Technology

Electrochromic material

A material having properties such that ions such as H + or Li + are injected (reduced) or separated (oxidized)
by the application of an electric field to change color and transmittance.
WO3 (Tungsten Oxide) NiO (Nickel Oxide) IrO2 (Iridium Oxide) V2O5 (Vanadium Oxide) etc.

WO, thin film deposition process technology of electrochromic materials
Thin film deposition process technology of NiO electrochromic materials (DC sputtering technology)

Characteristic of permeability change


Product Name ECM room mirror
Applications Automotive electrochromic mirrors (ECM), smart windows, sunroofs, exterior glass of buildings,
Electrochromic light transmittance control light shutter, Electrochromic sunglass, Window for energy management, etc
Technical Characteristics DC sputtering process of electrochromic materials using metal targets
Process Stability Stable (DC control simplifies process control)
Deposition Rate High
Electrochromic Material Solid electrochromic material
Max. Reflectance 75%
Min. Reflectance 10%
Country of Manufacture Republic of Korea
Technical Features  – High durability of electrochromic mirror technology (more than 40,000 times)
 – High reflectance rate (more than 70%)
 – Low drive voltage (within 2V) and fast color change (within 10 sec.)